Francophone Network

The network includes French Mennonite-Anabaptist communities on three continents, Africa, Europe and North America.

For more information and stories about the Francophone Network, see the French version of this page.


How is the Réseau mennonite francophone - or Francophone Mennonite Network - faring as of the beginning of 2013?

Well, it’s chugging along quietly, but quite efficiently!

International francophone Mennonite organizations carry out many activities which align easily with the Network’s objective. Some of these activities are directly initiated by the Network and their main purpose is to link together francophone Mennonites from many different horizons. Others are initiated by the various francophone organizations. There again, the main objective is to foster cooperation among francophone Mennonites. All of these actions converge toward the Network’s goal to create an international web of complementary activities to serve our common master, Jesus Christ. Read More.