Meet your hosts for Indonesia 2021

In July 2009, Mennonite church leaders from Indonesia found themselves in a conversation outside a dormitory in Asuncíon, Paraguay. Although they were not strangers, their paths rarely crossed. The three groups they represented had complex histories... more/más/suite

Morning Sermons from PA 2015

Read the full text of the morning sermons from PA 2015, by Rebecca Osiro, Tigist Tesfaye Gelagle, Nancy Heisey, Remilyn Mondez, Shant Kumar S Kunjam, Kevin Ressler, Hippolyto Tshimanga, Marc Pasqués and Rodrigo Pedroza. These can also be a helpful... more/más/suite

The gift of conversations at Assembly PA 2015

Friendship Groups and Activities There were so many great things about the Mennonite World Conference [Assembly, PA 2015]. This was my first time going, and I really appreciated the worship sessions, especially the diversity. (I had no idea what... more/más/suite

A deeper shade of green: Waste reduction measures at PA 2015

Winnipeg, Canada – Mass events can leave behind a mountain amount of trash. But at Mennonite World Conference’s 16th Assembly in Harrisburg, 21–26 July 2015, the management of garbage was an expression of worship to God the creator. Assembly... more/más/suite

A space to meet and exchange

Global Anabaptist Health Network envisioned by summit participants Harrisburg Pennsylvania, USA – More than 90 health care leaders from 18 countries met 19–20 July 2015, preceding PA 2015. They gathered to worship, learn from each other and think... more/más/suite

Like a tree planted

Anabaptist Educators from around the world gather for the Global Education Conference Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA — Like a Tree Planted: Anabaptist Spirituality in Education , the Global Education Conference of Mennonite World Conference attracted... more/más/suite

First ever Anabaptist World Cup set for PA 2015

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – The first ever Anabaptist World Cup will be played on the afternoons of July 22, 23, 24, and 25, as an optional recreational event during PA 2015, the Mennonite World Conference Assembly. The matches will take place at... more/más/suite

Registration to stay open until Assembly; some options change after 1 July

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Organizers for the 21-26 July Mennonite World Conference Assembly announced recently that registration will remain open until Assembly, but only the following options are available online beyond 1 July: full time/... more/más/suite

Blessings and challenges for the PA 2015 Visa process

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – The need for many to get visitor’s visas to the USA, to attend the Pennsylvania 2015 MWC Assembly in Harrisburg, has long been a concern for many planners and participants. For more than a year, the MWC Visa Task Force (... more/más/suite

PA 2015 will be green!

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – “PA 2015 will be green,” says Howard Good, National Coordinator of the Mennonite World Conference Assembly, to be held July 21-26 at the massive Farm Show Complex (FSC) in Harrisburg. Good had just received word that... more/más/suite

Departing staff and volunteers recognized at dinner event

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – At a dinner event immediately following the 21-26 July 2015 Assembly, Mennonite World Conference general secretary César García expressed appreciation to a number of staff members who are ending their work involvement... more/más/suite

Visa efforts continue for PA 2015 hopefuls

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Applying for a visa to enter the U.S. is serious business for many internationals hoping to attend PA 2015, the Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Assembly to be held here July 21-26. A Visa Task Force – with two... more/más/suite

PA 2015 goes on and on

Harrisburg, PA, USA - A dedicated team of staff and volunteers captured images, videos and stories during Mennonite World Conference’s 16th Assembly in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA, 21–25 July 2015. Visit to re-live your PA 2015... more/más/suite

Doing something about faith

MDS house build at Mennonite World Conference Assembly erects homes in 5 days Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Pounding nails may be the last activity one might expect at an international church convention, but for many at the Mennonite World... more/más/suite

“It is like a village in Africa”

Global church village is a marketplace of stories and sharing Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA - “I don’t know of any other place where I have encountered so many parts of the world all in one place,” says Donella M. Clemens of Perkasie Mennonite... more/más/suite

Assembly website to have latest Assembly Coverage

Harrisburg, PA, USA – Already hundreds of brothers and sisters from around the world are gathering in Harrisburg for the 16th Assembly of Mennonite World Conference. PA 2015 has already begun with the Global Youth Summit, which took place from 17-19... more/más/suite

PA congregations to host final day of PA 2015; 26 July worship resources available to all

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA – Attendees of PA 2015, the Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Assembly, will spend 26 July, the final day of the event, with Mennonite and Brethren in Christ congregations within a two-hour radius of the Farm Show... more/más/suite

Evening speakers at PA 2015 to offer ‘global feast for the soul’

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – “We’re offering a global feast for the soul,” says Don McNiven, a member of the Program Committee for Mennonite World Conference’s Assembly, as he announced evening speakers for PA 2015, to be held in Harrisburg,... more/más/suite

International Music Ensemble announced for PA 2015

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania – A 19-member international ensemble of singers and instrumentalists has just been selected to lead the morning and evening worship each day at PA 2015, the Mennonite World Conference Assembly to be held in Harrisburg at the... more/más/suite

Part-time registration opens for PA 2015

Akron, Pennsylvania – Part-time registration is now available for PA 2015, the Mennonite World Conference (MWC) Assembly slated for 21-26 July in Harrisburg, PA, at the Farm Show Complex. “We’ve determined that there will be enough space to... more/más/suite